²December 2018? LOS euEvents, gatheringNomadsFbGroup(ⁿ9⁴6, Portugal, Segunda, 03. Dezembro 2018

go Visit (eco) project's, we can meet;

near Porto, Lisboa we Have contacts. to come 2gether.
We want to start from (our) Base near villa real, 90 km East of porto. (and perhaps near benfeita arganil one.

Just tell us 3 weeks before where and how long you want to go.

if you only want to help/Join for some days (minimum 3) ! please tell !

if you have a own (eco)car, campervan motorhome there already.
Would be great if you want to spent some time together ! and share it ?
do you know more projects where we can go ?

+31 (0)6 3400 1904 (also whats ap)
+43 (0)6 7761 7829 75


thanks Peace Love unity and respect, hope.
would be nice if you follow us here

²December 2018? LOS euEvents, gatheringNomadsFbGroup(ⁿ9⁴6

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