07. Dezembro 2017 - 19:00 até 22:00

Lisbon BlaBla Language Exchange, Portugal, Quinta, 07. Dezembro 2017

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How does our event work?
It's so simple. At the entrance, you can ask our team members to guide you to your group.
We have different language groups, for example, you can also learn the local language or improve your skills in Japanese, French, English, Korean, Spanish, German, Russian, etc… (Please check our Facebook page).
Even though you are coming to speak Chinese, you are welcome to practice other languages as well, our team members would like to guide you to whichever group you want to.

We have various topics on a paper which will be put on the table, you can choose whatever topic to talk about, to share with group members, as well as games of question- answer. Feel free to talk about what you prefer to, but suggest don't bring political stuff in since we are an international event, we respect differences among our event members, we hope to build up an international event community that embrace the value of friendship.

Quite easy huh?
Join us, making friends and Improving Your language skills.

Lisbon BlaBla Language Exchange

Richie Campbell em Lisboa

Richie Campbell em Lisboa

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