03. Setembro 2018 - 10:00 até 13:00

Next Stop: Carcavelos, Portugal, Segunda, 03. Setembro 2018

The next school year will kick off in brand-new facilities, as our school moves to a beach-front campus in Carcavelos, after 30 years in Campolide. Nova SU is eager to embrace this change, at the same time as we seek to make sure students’ concerns and opinions are taken into account, as much as possible. We are, therefore, launching today the “Next Stop: Carcavelos” campaign, during which we will tell you about the ideas that Nova SU has already presented to Nova SBE, but, above all, we are asking for your thoughts and suggestions concerning very specific aspects of this change – from on-campus food services, to housing, including sports facilities and transportation. Comment, react, share your thoughts, use the anonymous form or email with your ideas! It is crucial for us that you do so – only that way are we able to stand by your rights. We are not decision-makers in this process, however, we will do our best to make your voice heard!

Next Stop: Carcavelos

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