12. Julho 2018 - 11:00

NOS Alive 2018, Portugal, Quinta, 12. Julho 2018

💥 NOS Alive 2018💥

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📍 Lisbon, Portugal

NOS Alive is one of Europe's most respected indie, rock and alternative music festivals, held close to the Portuguese capital city of Lisbon. Famed for its consistently outstanding lineups, the festival attracts artists and music fans alike from across the globe.

In addition to the numerous rock and indie legends that have graced the festival's stages over the last decade – Bob Dylan, Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys – the festival's musical programming also extends into pop, hip-hop, RnB, disco, house and more, with the likes of Disclosure, The Weeknd and The Chemical Brothers headlining in recent years.

Set on the beautiful coast of Oeiras, a municipality in the Greater Lisbon region, the festival combines its diverse and extensive lineup with the inescapable feel of a summer getaway, complete with the regions' golden sands and glorious weather.

NOS Alive 2018

Beach House at Coliseu de Lisboa

Beach House at Coliseu de Lisboa

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